Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nusa Lembongan & A LITTLE SURPRISE

We were super fortunate to be gifted with some money for an R&R while in Bali, just in time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Nusa Lembongan is a small island 30 minutes off the coast of Bali. The population of Nusa Lembongan is only 4,000 and you can ride around the island in less than an hour.

The surf was not great in Indonesia so Jeremy only went a couple of times during the 10 days we were there. We were able to relax and enjoy some other excursions together.

Here are some pics...
our boat transfer

some really cool villas/resorts on our way in

beautiful view from our room at Indonesia prices... Love Indo!

One day we rented a motor bike and went exploring. Crossing a bridge to another little island.

Secret Point

"Underground House" A man built this massive house underground. 

This is what it looked like inside. Jeremy loved it- I got a little claustrophobic and headed for the exit!

Celebrating 2 years of marriage

Dinner date on the beach

We ate LOTS of a Nasi Gorang (fried rice) during our 10 days!

We enjoyed some paddle boarding. 

Great exercise but also relaxing!

Now for the "little surprise".... during this trip we also celebrated...........being pregnant 13 weeks!! YUP! You may be as surprised as we were to find out I was pregnant! Trusting God and His plans for our lives!!

Here's my "13 weeks" picture....
kind of a joke since I'm not showing yet!!

Baby Hoover is due November 7th- I'm now 14 weeks! 

Prayers as we venture on this new journey of becoming parents are much appreciated!


  1. Seriously?! I'm so happy for you two!

  2. I am bursting at the seems with joy!

  3. Ashlee and Jeremy, I am SO excited for you! God's timing has to be perfect since He creates life. I can't wait to see y'all and celebrate with you! Love you so much, Aunt Jackie


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