Saturday, October 27, 2012

2 Weeks Left!!

Some time in the next 2-3 weeks we will become parents!! We will keep you in the loop as the time gets closer. Please keep praying!!

Today is Saturday 27, Jeremy is working the shop and Ash is helping Christian Surfers QLD run an event called Paddle for Poverty.  It's a 10 kilometer paddle on a surfboard. Some participants do the whole 10 km themselves and some do it as a team, each member paddling 2.5 km. We are raising money for a Compassion project in Indonesia. Our goal is to raise around $8,000 for a water well and filtration system for a village of just over 100 families. Pictures to follow later in the week.

Also, next weekend we have a big BBQ that Christian Surfers runs at a local surf competition. It's all day Saturday and Sunday. The event has already been postponed once so please pray for good weather and waves to surf. Running the BBQ/concession stand is a great way to serve the local board riders and connect with the community

Love you guys!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

37 Weeks

The count down can officially begin...

37 weeks... meaning 3 (ish) weeks to go! There is something so relieving about knowing your baby is full term. Seeing the doctor is now a weekly event and today I was glad to hear everything is good! The baby is still in the correct position and it's(can't wait to say he or she!)just settled into the pelvis which I'm told is really good. None of that means the baby is coming soon but it's definitely reassuring for a first time mom to hear that everything is as good as it can be at this stage.

We've been so very fortunate to have had such a smooth and healthy pregnancy. It's easy to take it for granted until you hear all the stories of those who haven't had it this easy.

Please continue to pray us and the baby!

Much love & Happy Friday(or I guess Thursday for many of you) :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Less than a month to go...

It's been too long since we've update our blog but what else is new, right? Here are a few pictures that our awesome friend Seth Snider took to help us document and remember this huge milestone.

With less than a month until my official "due date", I'm getting really excited to finally meet this baby. We'v now had a hospital tour, another scan and an active birth class (that Jeremy did very well in!) and feel more prepared for the labour and birth.

Things here in Australian hospitals are much different than in US hospitals, or at least it seems. We haven't experienced a birth in the States so we can't say first hand but from what we've heard it's quite different. They discourage the use of drugs and medical intervention, if at all possible. It's still totally up to the mom and what she wants. They recommend you being off your back and to stay active while in labour. They don't mean running around but using different techniques to help you cope with the pain. I have no idea how I will do but I feel fortunate to be encouraged and supported in that way. I very well may have an epidural and/or end up needing a c section but I appreciate that I can be empowered to go the "cave woman" route while still being in a hospital. 

I'm sure I'll look back on this post in a couple months and think... "wow, I was ignorant and naive!!" I pray not but God is in control and knows what is best for baby and me.

I'm going to continue to work up until my due date and then if I go late I will enjoy a couple days off to myself. I also have decided that if I go over my due date I will distract myself by decoration for Christmas early (that is if I feel up to it). I love Christmas and without having Thanksgiving here it seems more acceptable to decorate a bit prematurely. And who's going to tell an over-due pregnant woman she can't!

We covet your prayers as we enter into the last few weeks of what we know as normal and enter into a whole new chapter of what will be the new normal. Thanks for reading :) 

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