Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sand man

Sorry for not writing lately.... Playing catch up and working on an newsletter that will have more details than what we can post.

This little grom loves the sand!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Applying for Permanent Residence TODAY

Prayers needed today as we are submitting our application for Permanent Residence. A little scary but exciting too!

On another note... The cafe is officially open! We had a surf staff meeting, prayer and dinner last night! It's really exciting having a little team to work together with!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Youth Night

Youth night in Mudjimba kicked off last night. It was a fantastic start to the year. Natasha, another YWAMer who works in the Boardstore, shared her testimony. The kids really opened up and shared in small group time. Please keep Friday nights in your prayers!

Jase being a good little spectator at youth!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


If you aren't familiar with the Aussie way, everything is shortened. Renovations turns into "renos". So the renos are well underway and almost complete. I should have done a better job of updating but I've been a) bad at taking photos and b) really busy (that excuse is getting old, I know).

This week they, Jeremy and Nato(I did my DTS with him), have been practicing with the coffee machine and making lots of free coffees to get practice. Starting next week the cafe will officially be open. It's been a huge project for Jeremy. We both look forward to it being completed. I've enjoyed putting my 2 cents in and helping with little projects when needed but Jeremy has been doing all the coordinating and he's doing an awesome job( I'm bias:) ).
They boys practicing and Jase spectating.

I may not have many pictures of the renos but I have plenty of this little nugget!

He's a "missionary" baby learning to sleep on the go.

More picture of the shop coming soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Power is ON

I was welcomed home last night with the power on in our house! After being told it would be at least 11pm Monday, I was very excited to see it on at 6pm. Now for the clean up! Mold is a major issue here because of the lack of air condition and high humidity. I noticed lots of mold already on our blinds.... that will be a project for another day.

Here's a picture of mama and our sweet boy sleeping yesterday when we were out for Isaac's birthday

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cyclone Oswald

We had planned to go camping this weekend with several of our friends. It's a holiday weekend here, Australia Day. Cyclone Oswald decided to make a nasty visit to the coast and ruined our plans. We stayed home and spent time with friends which was really nice but still disappointing because we were supposed be enjoying beautiful weather down south. Oh well!

Jase in his Aussie bib!

All that to say I am very grateful we are all okay! The storm was pretty bad with lots of flooding. A 5 minute drive took us 20 minutes after several roads were closed. Our power went out last night(Sunday night) and isn't expected to return until Monday. The storm is moving south and expected to continue to cause a lot of damage. It's crazy how there is mass flooding here and there are out of control fires down south.  Keep us in your prayers!

Here are a couple pictures from Oswald!

This is in Mooloolaba.

On this street the foam was up over the tops of cars that were driving on the street. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Okay firstly sorry for not updating sooner! I have the same excuse as everyone else... busy-ness! Also we realise that we need to be mindful of what we post on here. This is infact public so we can't share lots of details about ministry(meaning what's happening in specific people's live). But here is a little over view....

Christian Surfers Mudjimba is officially starting! Yay! This has been on our hearts and radar for a few months now. We have a little crew together to start it. The Boardstore functions greatly to meet groms but Christian Surfers provides a platform to spend more time with the youth. Logistically it covers us with insurance - which is just smart- so 2013 puts Christian Surfers Mudjimba offically on the map!

Here's our little crew!

We had a regional Christian Surfers gathering this past Saturday. It was a great time to dream big and come together and seek the Lord!

Youth Group on Friday nights kicks off in February. For 7 years, a local church plant has run a youth program across the street from the Boardstore in a Surf Life Savers building (life guards but it's more of a club here). We are going to serve along side the Pastor and his team. We're excited for opportunities to share the gospel with the groms(youth/kids) we know from living and working here in Mudjimba.

The Boardstore is no longer just going to be a surf shop. Jeremy is heading up a huge renovation to add coffee to the mix. The coffee culture here is nothing like anywhere in the US. Every little town has it's own little cafe, actually more than one. Locals like to support locally. We tend to run to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee. They also drink lattes not drip or filtered coffee like we like :) Most people would visit a cafe at least once in their day for a cuppa(term used here for a cup of coffee or a cup a tea). We'll share more details about the vision of the cafe and what's going to happen.

The end of 2012 saw Uncle Isaac back in Australia and meeting Jase Isaac(after him) for the first time! Yippy! He looks good with a baby doesn't he ???!!!

And this is what most of you really want to see....

Swimming with Dad. We've taken him a few times now and he seems to like it as long as the water is warm. 

We love getting him out of bed in the morning. He's all smiles! Most of the time :)

He's really trying to talk to us now. Such joy! While I was pregnant I really felt like the spirit of joy would be in this child- it was confirmed through others- and boy has it been true so far. He's a great eater & sleeper. Like any baby, he has his moments, but we are blown away with how good he is. We think maybe we should stop now while we are ahead :) Pray that he continues to be an awesome kiddo! 

{prayer cards}