Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bali Bound

We are heading to Bali this morning...just wanted to write quickly as we run out the door!

You're prayers for travel mercies are much appreciated.We'll do our best to keep you updated while we are there.

We do know that Friday we will be visiting a slum with our friends!

Much love xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling much better!!

After taking some Panadol(Tylenol) yesterday, my temperature began to drop. A good nights sleep and I feel MUCH better today. No fever just a sore throat. Thanks for your prayers!

Jeremy comes home today!! Yay! He's been gone since Monday teaching on the DTS. I'm excited to hear out it went. It sounds like it was a great week for the students! He's back to work tomorrow :( So pray he gets rejuvenated in his few hours off.

On a total different note.. we've celebrate lots of birthdays over the last few weeks... Here's a few...

Our good friend's, Bryan & Tiffany, son, Cooper, turned ONE!!!!

love that face!

Enjoyed his cake & all the other kids loved the jumping castle!

Treated to lunch from our boss Rod for reaching our goal at work!

And it was his birthday too!!

The best caramel mud cake! Americans you don't know what you are missing!

It was also our base director at YWAM's birthday- Rob Hensser! That is a marble mud cake!! It was just as good as the Caramel!

Laine & Rob very excited about the iPod we all chipped in and got him!

Yay for birthdays!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


After sleeping 12 hours last night, I am still feeling very feverish with a head ache and sore throat. Drinking lots of fluids today and resting more to hopefully kick this.

Prayers WELCOME :) Thanks! Ashlee xx

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Pray for Jeremy! He's away this week speaking on a Surfers DTS(all boys!). The topic is "Relationships"- relationships with God, family, friends, and of course boy/girl relationships!

He left early Monday morning and will be back Saturday. Pray for safety as they are driving back from Newcastle.

Pray for wisdom and guidance- that he would be sharing the message God wants each of the guys to hear!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wow, National Conference for Christian Surfers flew by! It was AMAZING! We had a weekend of beautiful weather and SURF- two huge blessings that were completely out of our control. Everything went smoothly and the Lord really ministered to each of us through the weekend.

One of the highlights was the Easter morning paddle out. Up at 4:30 am to walk down to the beach and paddle out to form a cross. (I stayed on the beach... the waves were a bit big for me:) Good excuse!!) Check out the news article that was printed in the coast's newspaper Monday!

The biggest highlight for me was the Community Night in Coolum. On Saturday we hosted "A Night in Tickle Park". We offered free sausages, live music and a premier screening of a documentary film with 4 local teenage surfers going to the Philippines with some of the Christian Surfers leaders, Compassion & the Australia Christian Channel. We are guessing there were around 600-700 people who came! One of the bands took a break for their singer to share his testimony. The documentary explained our faith and showed the young guys reaction to poverty in the developing nation. It was really special- especially for the guys who have grown up in Coolum Beach and have dreamed of an event like this in the park, sharing the Gospel.

Setting up the marquees for the sausage sizzle!

Stacking the bread and napkins(they call them serviettes) for quick distribution later

The BBQ set up

The band

The line for sausages- we went through 600 in no time!

The park with a bunch for Christian Surfers dancing!

A packed Tickle Park!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's April 5th, the day I've been anticipating now for several months. It feels a little bit like another wedding.    The conference starts today and runs until Monday at lunch. We're expecting around 200 people from all over Australia. I've been super fortunate to have an awesome team of people helping plan the weekend.

Just pray for all the details to fall into place! And for me not to loose my mind in keeping things straight! I've learned so much from this experience and feel privileged to be given responsibility of coordinating the National Gathering for Christian Surfers!

I'll be sure to keep you updated!!


Christian Surfers Coolum Community Night!!

One of our leaders Jordy, lead a team of around 7 to the Philippines. While they were there the filmed everything hoping to make a documentary afterward.  So this weekend we are showing that film to (hopefully) all of Coolum!  Thought you'd like to see the flyer!

Wish you all could come its going to be INSANE!!  

{prayer cards}