Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Keep those PRAYERS coming!

Hi Friends!

Just taking a minute to write you and say thank you for your prayers and keep them coming! Conference is only a week away and things are full throttle!

There is an amazing group of people helping out with all the different areas of conference so I know it will come together perfectly.

Hope you are doing well!! Thanks for taking time to read up on what's happening in our lives!!

Love you xoxo


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flash floods and National Gatherings

Jay and I went to hit some golf balls the other day and we were visited by a curious kangaroo. I got to walk right up to him. He just hopped on. haha 

 In other news, Sunshine Coast had a pretty massive flash flood last Thursday.  The shop almost had water in the shop.  Further south about 10 minutes shops did get swamped.  Some shops had close to 5 feet of water in their stores. It came so fast, we didn't even think it was a possibility.  Praise Jesus none of our shops or homes got destroyed.

Easter is fast approaching which is when Christian Surfers Australia (CSA) have their national gathering. All the CS leaders from all over Australia will come together here in Coolum to reconnect and be inspired.  Ashlee has been organizing pretty much the whole thing. (because she is AMAZING!!) We are both really looking forward to this time with friends from all over the country.  However I think Ash is ready for it to be over.  So she doesn't have so much responsibility on her shoulders. haha

Love y'all!  and Please keep us in your prayers for finding a house in Mudjimba.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Class Says Sorry.

Two Thursdays ago Ash and I went to religious education (RE) as usually, but for some odd reason my first class was unusually naughty.  They would not sit still or listen to anything.  So I gave them a little heart to heart at the end of the lesson.  Told them how rude it was and the only reason I come into the school is because I love them and want them to know about Jesus whom I love!  

So this is what was awaiting me this week.  It was so sweet!  ha Just wanted to share this with ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christian Surfers National Gathering

As I've shared before, I'm(Ashlee) coordinating National Gathering or national conference for Christian Surfers Australia. It's only 3 weeks away! Yikes! Easter weekend we are expecting 200-250 people coming to Coolum Beach for the gathering time.

You're prayers are much appreciated as I am getting down to the wire with all the details of planning and coordinating. Please also pray for our time together- that God would speak life and vision into CS Australia and that the individuals would return home to their communities feeling empowered and equiped to share the Gospel.

Thanks :)

Monday, March 5, 2012


It was great having the Rohrers here! Ashlee and I got to spend heaps of time with them and show them around our home.  The first week was a bit rainy but the second week they spent at the beach most days. Also, we took them down to Byron Bay, which is our favorite spot in Australia.  
Byron Bay


Celebrating their 36th Anniversary

Mary Valley Rattler train


their first Thai dinner

The day Ashlee's parents left, we had a dinner with all the leaders of Christian Surfers (CS) Queensland. It was a great time to hang out with friends and talk about our CS chapters and how we can expand.

This year we will be working on getting a CS chapter up and running in Mudjimba(the same town that the surf shop is in).  I have about 5 groms that I have been hanging out with heaps, and I'm praying that these boys will be the start of something great!  The idea is to start Bible studies with them once a week and do camps with them as well.  Eventually I want to take them on a trip overseas so they can see how most of the world lives.  

Boardstore Surf is going well. I joined the local board riders club(Mudjimba Boardriders), which is kinda like a local baseball or football league. We have a surf competition together once a month and compete against each other. There is about 100 people that have joined. During these times I get to know the groms parents and other locals.  It's a massive open door to the community.  Please continue to pray for Mudjimba and the shop.  I have some amazing opportunities at the moment and am trying to discern what to do now and what to do in the future.

 Love y'all!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My parents left yesterday, Saturday. I just got word that they have arrived safely back home. Thanks for your prayers! The 12 days of them being here was great, but in the end went way too quickly. I think any amount of time would seem too short. It was a very sad day seeing them leave. We had so much fun while they were here. I'm already anticipating the next time I'll see them. Prayers are much appreciated - them leaving just leaves me more "home sick"(kind of a funny term for missing home).

"the last supper"

In the next week, I hope to share more pictures of their time here & update you on what's happening in ministry!

{prayer cards}