Monday, March 5, 2012


It was great having the Rohrers here! Ashlee and I got to spend heaps of time with them and show them around our home.  The first week was a bit rainy but the second week they spent at the beach most days. Also, we took them down to Byron Bay, which is our favorite spot in Australia.  
Byron Bay


Celebrating their 36th Anniversary

Mary Valley Rattler train


their first Thai dinner

The day Ashlee's parents left, we had a dinner with all the leaders of Christian Surfers (CS) Queensland. It was a great time to hang out with friends and talk about our CS chapters and how we can expand.

This year we will be working on getting a CS chapter up and running in Mudjimba(the same town that the surf shop is in).  I have about 5 groms that I have been hanging out with heaps, and I'm praying that these boys will be the start of something great!  The idea is to start Bible studies with them once a week and do camps with them as well.  Eventually I want to take them on a trip overseas so they can see how most of the world lives.  

Boardstore Surf is going well. I joined the local board riders club(Mudjimba Boardriders), which is kinda like a local baseball or football league. We have a surf competition together once a month and compete against each other. There is about 100 people that have joined. During these times I get to know the groms parents and other locals.  It's a massive open door to the community.  Please continue to pray for Mudjimba and the shop.  I have some amazing opportunities at the moment and am trying to discern what to do now and what to do in the future.

 Love y'all!!

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