Friday, June 22, 2012

We got the House!!

Well it is official, we have been accepted for a house in Mudjimba. It is about a minute walk from the Surf shop and is a great little beach shack.  We will post up photos when we start the move.  We have around 3 weeks before we move.  Thank you so much for the prayers!  God has definitely hooked us up with this place.

We love you all!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A new HOME!

We are in the process of home hunting. We need to be out of our house July 19th so time is a tickin'. There is a great little "beach shack" a couple blocks from the surf shop in Mudjimba. It is by no means fancy or nice but it's perfect in so many ways. We both feel like it's "the one". We've applied but now have to wait to hear back if we've been accepted. 

As you can see... it's a beauty!! :)

You're prayers would be much appreciated in the next couple days!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indoor Skate Park

"The Woods" indoor skateboarding park by the Boardstore is now open. This has been a dream of the YWAMer who started the Boardstore skate shops and surf shops for over 10 years.

It's been amazing to see God's faithfulness through so many trials and to now have the indoor park open. Below is a news clip about the opening of the park.

We also had this weeks usual Monday morning corporate worship time with YWAM at the indoor park. We spent time worshipping there and praying over the park and for all the kids and parents who come and go through out the weeks to come.
Rob doing a little trick of jumping over 3 people. Skate ministry started years ago with Rob going into schools and doing this trick. It open doors for kids to listen to what he had to share! Love how God uses our gifts to further his kingdom!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life this week

Jeremy's cousin has been visiting the last couple weeks & leaves Friday :( We are sad to see her go! We're sad that we didn't get to spend more time with her - work and life commitments kept us busy the last couple weeks but we're so glad for the time we did get to hang out.

Saturday we welcome the Leaman's! A family of 5 from our church in PA. We are super excited to have them here and show them around our life.

Lastly, I've gotten some sort of cold. It started Friday with a sore throat and now I have no voice(Jeremy secretly probably is loving it!). I came home from work today to rest. If I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't be worried at all- just let it run it's coarse- but I know I need to be careful and not let it escalate. Prayers are appreciated :)

Last week's 17 week picture....this picture is a bit generous of the belly- don't think I'm actually that big!


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