Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Accident at the Boardstore

Check out this link.

There was an accident at the Boardstore/Kai Coffee Bar yesterday. It's a miracle that no one was hurt. Just minutes before our good friends were in the area that the car ran into. They were in the shop when the car hit but only got hit by the skateboards & racks.

Angels were truly protecting the shop yesterday and the Naus family, Seth & Ray. Everyone is so grateful for God's protect!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthdays & Babies

It seems the last few months have been filled with birthdays & babies. I love both so I'm not complaining. 

 Last Friday we had a small birthday party for my dear friend Tiffany's 30th! Just appetizers and dessert!

Banoffee Pie for the birthday girl! (if you've never had Banoffee Pie & you love bananas and caramel- you must make one- now one of my favourite desserts!)

Happy Birthday Tiffany!

The girls!

Then Saturday was Leanne's Baby Shower! I had fun planning this one at a local cafe called The Velo Project. It's an vintage and eclectic cafe that was so kind to stay open late for the shower.

The even listed the special menu for Leanne

Yummy crepes, fruit & coffee to celebrate

Lots of baby boy presents

Writing notes on the diapers for Leanne & Cam to be encouraged

Kathy shared some great advice... isn't that cafe cute? 
Praying for Leanne

Me, Leanne, Kristin & Tiffany

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooking & the bump

I'm a couple weeks late in uploading these but enjoy....

Meet Baby Ivy! Our friends Sean & Emily's latest edition to their family. What a sweet baby girl!

Here are just a couple pictures from the retreat I cooked for.

23 of us total

It was such a great time! The students were so grateful it made cooking all day so worth while.

This hardly a "bump" picture but some have been asking. 15 weeks here. Not sure I'll ever be able to beat the snorkelling 13 week shot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

More "RE" stories!

So two weeks ago I gave all my RE students a New Testament Bible.  When I returned the following week, several kids told me that they have been reading Matthew. One kid told me he is on page 60. haha Also one of the teachers told me his son has been reading it a lot and has a few questions for me!  I am loving what Jesus is doing through Ash and I at this public school for his kingdom.  Please continue to pray with us for these kids.

In other news, Ash and I are just plugging along (more like trying to rap my head around being a dad this year!!).  This is going to be a game changer for me.  Most of the time I feel like I will fail miserably. However, I know that through Jesus all things are possible.  The great news is Ashlee feels great, she hasn't been sick or anything, so we are praising the Lord for that!!

Thank you so much for all of you who read this and pray for us!  and like Ash said we are stoked to be coming back to see all of you round August/September.

Friday, May 18, 2012


We can officially say we are coming home this summer! YAY!

We booked our flights for August 2nd- September 13th!

We'll be in Jacksonville first then onto Pennsylvania. It was a bit of a mess trying to find a ticket that was "cheap" and allowed us to fly back August 2nd but God made a way! I'm so grateful!

We look forward to seeing YOU this summer!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First batch of Bibles go out!!

As a base of YWAM Sunshine Coast we have committed to giving out prayerfully 10,000 bibles in our ministry areas.  Ashlee and I have ordered 150 as step one.  So last week I had the opportunity/privilege to give all my Religious Education (RE) class students their very own (most their very first) Bible!!

I handed out around 80 bibles total in two classes.  They were so stoked to get them.  Please pray for them to actually read it and for Jesus to be drawing them to himself!  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bali Wrap Up

While in Bali, there was a group, from our base here on the Sunshine Coast, of DTS students there on outreach. It was the same group of guys Jeremy spoke to a few weeks ago on Relationships. Our time overlapped so we were able to spend a bit of time with them.

Aaron and Nato looking a little silly on a pink motorbike together! 

Breakfast with the boys

One last surf at famous Uluwatus 

And here are a few random pictures from our trip...

While were on our flight Jeremy found our ticket from 2 years ago to Jamaica! Fun co-winky-dink! 

flying in to Bali

An authentic Indonesian food court where you eat for 2 dollars including a drink

For those who heard about Jeremy's devastating board break, he's happy to say he has his friend back! The guy on the left put the 2 pieces back together and it looks amazing! I have very happy husband!

We ate lots of yummy Mie Gorang- fried noodles & Nasi Gorang- friend rice!

You never know what you're gonna see on the streets!

A&W Root Beer float---- DELICIOUS! This was such a treat since we don't have Root Beer in Australia!

Thanks for all of you who have been praying for us while we were away. We feel really blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to go back and visit. 

I leave Sunday to cook on a YWAM School of Biblical Studies retreat for 3 days. Pray for me and for the people who eat my food :) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Kai Coffee Side Note!

A little side note amongst our Bali trip excitement....

Our friends Sean & Emily Naus along with Seth Snider have started a coffee stand and coffee roasting business to support kids in Africa. It's been going really well for them and they even made it on the news!

Here's the clip...
Kai Coffee

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nusa Lembongan & A LITTLE SURPRISE

We were super fortunate to be gifted with some money for an R&R while in Bali, just in time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Nusa Lembongan is a small island 30 minutes off the coast of Bali. The population of Nusa Lembongan is only 4,000 and you can ride around the island in less than an hour.

The surf was not great in Indonesia so Jeremy only went a couple of times during the 10 days we were there. We were able to relax and enjoy some other excursions together.

Here are some pics...
our boat transfer

some really cool villas/resorts on our way in

beautiful view from our room at Indonesia prices... Love Indo!

One day we rented a motor bike and went exploring. Crossing a bridge to another little island.

Secret Point

"Underground House" A man built this massive house underground. 

This is what it looked like inside. Jeremy loved it- I got a little claustrophobic and headed for the exit!

Celebrating 2 years of marriage

Dinner date on the beach

We ate LOTS of a Nasi Gorang (fried rice) during our 10 days!

We enjoyed some paddle boarding. 

Great exercise but also relaxing!

Now for the "little surprise".... during this trip we also celebrated...........being pregnant 13 weeks!! YUP! You may be as surprised as we were to find out I was pregnant! Trusting God and His plans for our lives!!

Here's my "13 weeks" picture....
kind of a joke since I'm not showing yet!!

Baby Hoover is due November 7th- I'm now 14 weeks! 

Prayers as we venture on this new journey of becoming parents are much appreciated!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gelthes & Slums

Some more stories and photos from Bali!!

Our YWAM family here on the Sunshine Coast sent out some of our own to minister in Bali full-time. One of the families is the Geltch family. Mark, Melissa, and 3 boys, Jye, Jesse, Josh. We got to spend some amazing time with them and they showed us what the Lord has them doing there. I can't tell you exactly where for security reasons but I can tell you what is happening.

Walking to the Slum.

The slum community toilet.

 We started at a slum where people have gathered and are under pressure to get off the land constantly. Known as squatters, they just have nowhere else to go.  When we first walked into the slum you immediately notice that the houses are very poorly built and small. They work at various things that they can find to do. One guy was stripping coconuts down so they could use the hard shell for making jewelry. it takes ages to do and only brings in about $1 US dollar per Kilo. (a lot of work and a long day for maybe $5 total) Mark and Melissa have been going there for a while now and have built some really cool relationships with them. They've been invited to join the Geltch's church and some have joined in, asking for prayer! This is an amazing start to a ministry that will continue to grow. We're excited to see where the Lord takes it!
One of the houses.

Stripping coconuts.

Later that night the girls went to a street where prostitutes are known to be at night.  It's not like the red light district in Thailand or Cambodia. It's very dark with no street lights and these girls set up little stand to sell drinks.  The men will go and buy a drink then sit and talk to the girls and decide if they want to purchase them.  It's really dangerous because most of these girls are owned by the local gang.  Melissa has been trying to build relationships with the girls but she needs to be careful of the gangs.  If they find out that a white girl is spending time with them they will not take kindly to her messing with their girls.  It's so sad to see so much injustice and feel so powerless to do anything about it. Please pray for Melissa as you follows a clear calling from God to minister to these girls!

More stories to come!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tipan & Sayangi

We are back in Australia. Took a red eye from Bali, Indonesia to Australia last night/this morning- I'm confused as to what day it even is. There isn't a word to describe our trip- it's was great, awesome, fun, challenging,  relaxing, tiring, encouraging, sad, busy, slow...and that's exactly what we were hoping for! We wanted to spend time with people we knew who lived in Bali but also get away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.

It will take a few days to cover the trip but here goes...

We spent the first 5 days in Bali(one of many islands in Indonesia, a very popular holiday destination for Australians and Europeans... Americans are starting to get into it too). While we were there, we spent our time with our friends Tipan & Sayangi, both Jeremy met while in Nias (another much smaller island in Indonesia). Both have moved to Bali to join YWAM and have been on staff for a couple years now. Jeremy hadn't seen either of them in 3 years and was really looking forward to spending time with them. They are both doing amazing! For those of you who know Jeremy's Nias story, these two make all the time he spent there worth it. It's an honour to get to see some fruit from many teams and Jeremy's time in Nias.
Sayangi, Jeremy & Tipan at Water Bom- an amazing water park! It was sooo much fun!!

Sayangi translating at UofN (University of the Nations) Bali's base worship time. She's an amazing leader!

Our last supper :( We had so much fun with them-sad to say good bye!

and this... is some interesting drink/dessert Tipan had. It was shaved ice, strawberry flavoured syrup, sweet and condensed milk, some fruit chunks, beans & peas!! It was so sweet!!! Not my dessert of choice though.

That's all for tonight... more tomorrow!

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