Friday, May 11, 2012

Bali Wrap Up

While in Bali, there was a group, from our base here on the Sunshine Coast, of DTS students there on outreach. It was the same group of guys Jeremy spoke to a few weeks ago on Relationships. Our time overlapped so we were able to spend a bit of time with them.

Aaron and Nato looking a little silly on a pink motorbike together! 

Breakfast with the boys

One last surf at famous Uluwatus 

And here are a few random pictures from our trip...

While were on our flight Jeremy found our ticket from 2 years ago to Jamaica! Fun co-winky-dink! 

flying in to Bali

An authentic Indonesian food court where you eat for 2 dollars including a drink

For those who heard about Jeremy's devastating board break, he's happy to say he has his friend back! The guy on the left put the 2 pieces back together and it looks amazing! I have very happy husband!

We ate lots of yummy Mie Gorang- fried noodles & Nasi Gorang- friend rice!

You never know what you're gonna see on the streets!

A&W Root Beer float---- DELICIOUS! This was such a treat since we don't have Root Beer in Australia!

Thanks for all of you who have been praying for us while we were away. We feel really blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to go back and visit. 

I leave Sunday to cook on a YWAM School of Biblical Studies retreat for 3 days. Pray for me and for the people who eat my food :) 

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