Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tipan & Sayangi

We are back in Australia. Took a red eye from Bali, Indonesia to Australia last night/this morning- I'm confused as to what day it even is. There isn't a word to describe our trip- it's was great, awesome, fun, challenging,  relaxing, tiring, encouraging, sad, busy, slow...and that's exactly what we were hoping for! We wanted to spend time with people we knew who lived in Bali but also get away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.

It will take a few days to cover the trip but here goes...

We spent the first 5 days in Bali(one of many islands in Indonesia, a very popular holiday destination for Australians and Europeans... Americans are starting to get into it too). While we were there, we spent our time with our friends Tipan & Sayangi, both Jeremy met while in Nias (another much smaller island in Indonesia). Both have moved to Bali to join YWAM and have been on staff for a couple years now. Jeremy hadn't seen either of them in 3 years and was really looking forward to spending time with them. They are both doing amazing! For those of you who know Jeremy's Nias story, these two make all the time he spent there worth it. It's an honour to get to see some fruit from many teams and Jeremy's time in Nias.
Sayangi, Jeremy & Tipan at Water Bom- an amazing water park! It was sooo much fun!!

Sayangi translating at UofN (University of the Nations) Bali's base worship time. She's an amazing leader!

Our last supper :( We had so much fun with them-sad to say good bye!

and this... is some interesting drink/dessert Tipan had. It was shaved ice, strawberry flavoured syrup, sweet and condensed milk, some fruit chunks, beans & peas!! It was so sweet!!! Not my dessert of choice though.

That's all for tonight... more tomorrow!

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