Tuesday, August 30, 2011

see ya later {ISAAC}

It's not "good-bye" it's see ya later to Jeremy's best friend from home, Isaac. Monday night we had a little dinner in honor of him....

the man of the evening

Cam, Isaac & Jay

Whitney, Miss Pattie & Mindy

Eva: one of Isaac's biggest fans

presh... Boris & Diego

sharing "Isaac stories" & loving on him

Eva decided to take a juice shower!

peach cobbler 

clean up crew thanks girls!

We pray God's blessing on you as you go Isaac, for direction and trust..... and that'd you'd return to us soon!!
(I know all you Jax folks want him to stay.... but we're praying really hard, you better step up your game! ha )

our after party.....
"in the name of Jesus, defy gravity"

.... and the coin stuck to the wall... we were all freaking out!

Friday, August 26, 2011

GROMS of Mudjimba

God has been faithful in bringing the youth (groms) we are wanting to reach right to us! Everyday the kids come to the surf shop after school. After only a couple weeks of being in the shop, the groms are wanting to just be around. They are so sweet, offering to sweep at the end of the day and do anything else that needs done. We are praying that relationships are built with Jeremy, Jay & Jono (the guys working in the shop). This is such a HUGE step in the process of the shop becoming a ministry! 

Here's the "gang" riding around on bikes & skateboards!


These same youth will be the ones hearing the Gospel through the public school's religious education program we can teach!!


It's been rainy here since last Sunday, and it sounds like you all in the states are getting similar whether with the hurricane on it's way. We know rain is good, but we're ready for it to be over so we can get laundry done & the the surf shop to hopefully get a little busier.  Here's glimpses of life ...

Lancaster County style Strawberries & shortcake... perfect on a rainy day

Drive thru Subway! Genius! 

Bible Study Thursday night at our house with the Christian Surfers crew!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the job {HUNT}

The hunt for a job for Ashlee is quite slow, since they are feeling the repercussions of the global economic crisis here. There have been several great leads on awesome jobs but nothing has been secured. We hope to hear from one job specifically in the next couple weeks, please PRAY for the Lord's will to be done!  We'll fill you in with more details on the position once we hear more from the company.

Thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last Friday Ashlee went to Coolum Primary School in hopes to check out the Religious Education class for Grade 4.... Sad to find out it was sports day and class was cancelled :(

BUT there's great news! We are meeting with a guy who coordinates the Religious Education (RE) classes at the Pacific Paradise Primary school on Thursday! Pacific Paradise is the primary school in the area of the surf shop. This is a huge answer to prayer since we want to connect with those kids as many ways as we can! There is no chaplain at the school so we are interested to see how the Principal handles mentoring, RE class and other programs!! It sounds like he is looking for us to help ASAP! We're excited since most schools aren't looking for people until next school year, January!

Praise God for this awesome connection! Pray for favor with the kids & the staff at the school.

Monday, August 22, 2011



The Boardstore is doing well! Sales are slow because it's winter here and this week has been especially cold & rainy! Exciting news is we have the new sign out front...
The local kids are starting to connect with Jeremy & Jay. Please continue to pray for relationships to be built. They have also started a solid relationship with one of the main guys in the Mudjimba Board Riders Club that meets across the street from the shop. Each local beach has their own Board Riders Club and then they compete against each other. All ages are involved, the Mudjimba Board Riders has over 150 members. The surf competition we had a food stand at a few weeks ago, was a competition where all the Board Riders compete against one another. Some Sunday's only 2 teams compete, and then there are big Comps where it's several Board Rider's Clubs that compete.... make sense? Hopefully! :)

Our hope is that through this connection we can serve BBQ's at their comps and be a positive presence in a very competitive atmosphere! 

More updates on other areas of life to come each day this week....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One project at home is finally finished.... 
These were some FREE but nasty chairs on the side of the road we found.....

After a little TLC...

Much better!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jeremy's Mom was in a car accident Tuesday morning. She has broken her ankle & femur!! From what we have heard in the past, breaking your femur is as painful as child birth! Yikes! Please pray for her as she sees an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to find out what next steps are; for quick healing; and the Lord's comfort in this time! She's a very busy woman of God, who is always on the go, serving and loving on others!

Love you Mom!

Monday morning we had a time of prayer and dedication of the shop with YWAM and many friends from the community. It was a really special time for all of us who have been dreaming and working hard. There were a lot of awesome words spoken, and we pray that the Lord's presence would continue to be in the shop!

Jay sharing

& Jeremy too...

enjoying morning tea afterwards!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The shop is up and running so now we can set up some other areas of our life that have been neglected in the last couple weeks. These are some things that we would greatly appreciate you joining us in prayer for...

A job for Ashlee: There have been a few leads on all different types of jobs. She has handed in her resume but we haven't heard much. We're asking the Lord for some direction with this. Should we be patient and wait a couple weeks to hear back from these "great" opportunities or just get any sort of work that can start now but may not be the ideal job. 

Car: We are hoping for some more of our one time support to come in (it's been given just waiting for it to get through YWAM and then to us) so we can buy another car. With Jeremy working at the surf shop, and Ashlee also working, we aren't sure where yet, we will definitely need another set of wheels. Pray for the right car at the right price!

Ministry: Now that the surf shop is open we can start to focus on our "outreach" ministry times. The local grooms(youth/kids) are already coming in the shop after school to chat. We want to create more platforms for this so please pray for opportunity and wisdom.

Praise God that Ashlee is feeling better!: She's been sick for the last 10 days but is feeling better. Still sounding a little raspy but feeling much, much better!

" I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service." 1 Timothy 1:12

Saturday, August 13, 2011

now {OPEN}

We opened the surf shop on Thursday. Here are some pictures from the first day. It's winter here so we aren't expecting to be very busy. We were really pleased with the amount of locals that have come through to check the new place out!

Here's a panoramic shot of the surf shop from the front door....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of this week were finishing up projects and putting all the stock back in the shop.

All the stock finding it's way back into the shop....

still lots of junk & work to be done here!\

the board rack with fancy blinds to protect the boards from the sun

SOOOO many stickers to re-tag everything...

Almost ready to open!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Today, Tuesday, starts the hearing in the Australian High Courts that will determine the future of chaplains in public schools here in Australia.


The Weekend

Saturday AM we were up at the crack of dawn to help with the Christian Surfers fundraising BBQ at a surf competition just south of where we live. It was a brisk(or as Aussies say "fresh"), beautiful morning!
Jordy, the guy who put it all together! Well done mate!

cookin' up some breaky!

Then we spent a few hours at the surf shop finishing up some final projects.
staining the board rack and cleaning the floors... a few paint touch ups & we were done until Monday!

Sunday was the first day we didn't have anything we had to get done!  It was warm enough for a picnic & time at the beach!
What a lovely day it was!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day {5}

It's FRIDAY! Final day of painting & starting to clean up the shop! Jeremy & Isaac built the surf board rack/sand pit!

chalk board wall where Mr. Fish in his hanging fishbowl will go!

yea for progress!

the decals in the changing rooms

building the board pit!

{prayer cards}