Monday, August 1, 2011


It's been a huge & very ENCOURAGING day for us.... Here's a recap of what's been going on for us...

In front of the current "Old Woman Island Surf Shop" soon to be "Boardstore Surf"

SURF SHOP////Friday AM we met with Boris, the YWAMer who has started the business as missions on our base. He & his partner Rob started distributing skate boards years ago and then opened a skate shop (there now are 3!). They're about to open an indoor skate park & all sorts of other cool stuff. They do it all to reach skaters & the skate industry! They have purchased this surf shop & on August 1st will take ownership of it. Starting Monday we'll be doing inventor on the existing merchandise & renovating the entire store! We hope to re-open next weekend!! 

During our time with Boris, the dream of using a surf shop as ministry became real! It got both of us really excited for this new endeavor. Jeremy will spend 3+ days in the shop and other time in schools & the community. Ashlee will be in 1+ days including some administrative work. 

Please pray for "Boardstore Surf" as we become a light in a very small close knit community!! We are fully aware that there are blessings & "curses" to being in a small town. Our prayer is that we would keep healthy boundaries as a Christian business. Being Christians that work at the surf shop, rather than "that Christian surf shop" which could totally turn people off!

Does this look exciting?!?! Jeremy & Rob spent more than 10 hours trying to set up a new server at the YWAM base!


While Jeremy was working on the server for the YWAM base.... I(Ashlee) was....making a jewelry cork board during craft time with friends. I consider it therapeutic. Girl friend time & creativity.... that's therapy! 

Early Saturday morning garage sale finds... These pieces will be going "under the brush" tomorrow for a little face lift! 

Saturday morning we were invited to join the Queensland (the state we live in) Christian Surfers regional leaders meeting. 

It was great to hear the current vision for Christian Surfers(CS) since the ministry that we will be doing out of the surf shop will be under CS.

Planting some herbs.... Aussies pronounce the H in herbs...something I don't think I'll ever get used to!

Saturday evening Jono Bailey, the Queensland Regional Coordinator for Christian Surfers, and his family came over to our house to talk about future opportunities & needs within CS. More on that once we pray and make some decisions.....

As you can see, there is a lot going on right now. It's exciting!! We didn't know exactly how our schedule would fill up with ministry but it sure is!! Please continue to pray for us! Espeically for discernment! There are several opportunities & we are discerning what God wants for us in this season specifically!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

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