Monday, August 22, 2011



The Boardstore is doing well! Sales are slow because it's winter here and this week has been especially cold & rainy! Exciting news is we have the new sign out front...
The local kids are starting to connect with Jeremy & Jay. Please continue to pray for relationships to be built. They have also started a solid relationship with one of the main guys in the Mudjimba Board Riders Club that meets across the street from the shop. Each local beach has their own Board Riders Club and then they compete against each other. All ages are involved, the Mudjimba Board Riders has over 150 members. The surf competition we had a food stand at a few weeks ago, was a competition where all the Board Riders compete against one another. Some Sunday's only 2 teams compete, and then there are big Comps where it's several Board Rider's Clubs that compete.... make sense? Hopefully! :)

Our hope is that through this connection we can serve BBQ's at their comps and be a positive presence in a very competitive atmosphere! 

More updates on other areas of life to come each day this week....

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