Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Uppy

Hey crew,

A mate of mine named Jordy Merry (21 year old that loves Jesus) is a leader with us in Christian Surfers. Recently he lead a group of groms over to the Philippines. Here is link to a newspaper write up on the trip.

This is just the beginning!  I am praying that we can run 3 or 4 of these trips a year!  Its insane to have the groms that think everything is about them get their life/world view slammed!  Needless to say I am pumped that Jordy and the boys had such a rad time.

In other news, the sun has finally come out. After 2 weeks of solid rain and grey overcast weather.  (on the upside tho there has been some surf around!!  yeeewww!!)  Also I have been asked to speak on the surfers DTS in March so please please pray for that. I am speaking on relationships. (I know, shocking!) ha

Well love y'all and I pray Jesus taught you something new today!



Friday, January 27, 2012

{Surf Ministry}

First off, sorry it's been so long since we've last written. My first thought was... well nothings really "new". But that would be false! The NEW Year brings lots of re-evaluating and re-focusing for us.

Jeremy has been spending lots of time with our base director Rob Hensser getting vision, direction and wisdom in starting Surf Ministry. Aaron and Jeremy have also been praying, putting together goals and dreaming up  the future for Surf Ministry here on the Sunshine Coast. We are excited that one of the current DTS students will be staying on staff with Surf Ministry! He'll work at the surf shop as well as be a presence in the community and in schools.

Here they are hard at work...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We spent Christmas eve at Billy & Pattie's home. It was like spending time with your family when you get all of us together. Rob & Tricia Hensser are the base directors and Tricia is Billy & Pattie's daughter. Jeremy and I are their "adoptive" children.

One thing Laine asked for was the Sleeping Beauty, the last princess she needed to complete her collection. She was so excited!

Christmas morning we opened gifts at home. From each other and from our family in the states.
Here's my little Christmas elf.....

Very excited about the new mixer! 

Coffee & sandtarts- my mom sent them and they tasted just like home!

Jeremy's favorite gift: Remote control airplane!

Then it was time to work on dinner... first time making a ham.
As you can see it's literally a leg of ham. Kinda gross.

Jeremy took care of most of the prep.

It tasted good but definitely need to work on the oven's uneven cooking.

All set and ready for our friends for dinner

This candle made it feel like Christmas! 

{prayer cards}