Monday, May 7, 2012

Gelthes & Slums

Some more stories and photos from Bali!!

Our YWAM family here on the Sunshine Coast sent out some of our own to minister in Bali full-time. One of the families is the Geltch family. Mark, Melissa, and 3 boys, Jye, Jesse, Josh. We got to spend some amazing time with them and they showed us what the Lord has them doing there. I can't tell you exactly where for security reasons but I can tell you what is happening.

Walking to the Slum.

The slum community toilet.

 We started at a slum where people have gathered and are under pressure to get off the land constantly. Known as squatters, they just have nowhere else to go.  When we first walked into the slum you immediately notice that the houses are very poorly built and small. They work at various things that they can find to do. One guy was stripping coconuts down so they could use the hard shell for making jewelry. it takes ages to do and only brings in about $1 US dollar per Kilo. (a lot of work and a long day for maybe $5 total) Mark and Melissa have been going there for a while now and have built some really cool relationships with them. They've been invited to join the Geltch's church and some have joined in, asking for prayer! This is an amazing start to a ministry that will continue to grow. We're excited to see where the Lord takes it!
One of the houses.

Stripping coconuts.

Later that night the girls went to a street where prostitutes are known to be at night.  It's not like the red light district in Thailand or Cambodia. It's very dark with no street lights and these girls set up little stand to sell drinks.  The men will go and buy a drink then sit and talk to the girls and decide if they want to purchase them.  It's really dangerous because most of these girls are owned by the local gang.  Melissa has been trying to build relationships with the girls but she needs to be careful of the gangs.  If they find out that a white girl is spending time with them they will not take kindly to her messing with their girls.  It's so sad to see so much injustice and feel so powerless to do anything about it. Please pray for Melissa as you follows a clear calling from God to minister to these girls!

More stories to come!

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