Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flash floods and National Gatherings

Jay and I went to hit some golf balls the other day and we were visited by a curious kangaroo. I got to walk right up to him. He just hopped on. haha 

 In other news, Sunshine Coast had a pretty massive flash flood last Thursday.  The shop almost had water in the shop.  Further south about 10 minutes shops did get swamped.  Some shops had close to 5 feet of water in their stores. It came so fast, we didn't even think it was a possibility.  Praise Jesus none of our shops or homes got destroyed.

Easter is fast approaching which is when Christian Surfers Australia (CSA) have their national gathering. All the CS leaders from all over Australia will come together here in Coolum to reconnect and be inspired.  Ashlee has been organizing pretty much the whole thing. (because she is AMAZING!!) We are both really looking forward to this time with friends from all over the country.  However I think Ash is ready for it to be over.  So she doesn't have so much responsibility on her shoulders. haha

Love y'all!  and Please keep us in your prayers for finding a house in Mudjimba.

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