Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wow, National Conference for Christian Surfers flew by! It was AMAZING! We had a weekend of beautiful weather and SURF- two huge blessings that were completely out of our control. Everything went smoothly and the Lord really ministered to each of us through the weekend.

One of the highlights was the Easter morning paddle out. Up at 4:30 am to walk down to the beach and paddle out to form a cross. (I stayed on the beach... the waves were a bit big for me:) Good excuse!!) Check out the news article that was printed in the coast's newspaper Monday!

The biggest highlight for me was the Community Night in Coolum. On Saturday we hosted "A Night in Tickle Park". We offered free sausages, live music and a premier screening of a documentary film with 4 local teenage surfers going to the Philippines with some of the Christian Surfers leaders, Compassion & the Australia Christian Channel. We are guessing there were around 600-700 people who came! One of the bands took a break for their singer to share his testimony. The documentary explained our faith and showed the young guys reaction to poverty in the developing nation. It was really special- especially for the guys who have grown up in Coolum Beach and have dreamed of an event like this in the park, sharing the Gospel.

Setting up the marquees for the sausage sizzle!

Stacking the bread and napkins(they call them serviettes) for quick distribution later

The BBQ set up

The band

The line for sausages- we went through 600 in no time!

The park with a bunch for Christian Surfers dancing!

A packed Tickle Park!

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