Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling much better!!

After taking some Panadol(Tylenol) yesterday, my temperature began to drop. A good nights sleep and I feel MUCH better today. No fever just a sore throat. Thanks for your prayers!

Jeremy comes home today!! Yay! He's been gone since Monday teaching on the DTS. I'm excited to hear out it went. It sounds like it was a great week for the students! He's back to work tomorrow :( So pray he gets rejuvenated in his few hours off.

On a total different note.. we've celebrate lots of birthdays over the last few weeks... Here's a few...

Our good friend's, Bryan & Tiffany, son, Cooper, turned ONE!!!!

love that face!

Enjoyed his cake & all the other kids loved the jumping castle!

Treated to lunch from our boss Rod for reaching our goal at work!

And it was his birthday too!!

The best caramel mud cake! Americans you don't know what you are missing!

It was also our base director at YWAM's birthday- Rob Hensser! That is a marble mud cake!! It was just as good as the Caramel!

Laine & Rob very excited about the iPod we all chipped in and got him!

Yay for birthdays!!

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