Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cyclone Oswald

We had planned to go camping this weekend with several of our friends. It's a holiday weekend here, Australia Day. Cyclone Oswald decided to make a nasty visit to the coast and ruined our plans. We stayed home and spent time with friends which was really nice but still disappointing because we were supposed be enjoying beautiful weather down south. Oh well!

Jase in his Aussie bib!

All that to say I am very grateful we are all okay! The storm was pretty bad with lots of flooding. A 5 minute drive took us 20 minutes after several roads were closed. Our power went out last night(Sunday night) and isn't expected to return until Monday. The storm is moving south and expected to continue to cause a lot of damage. It's crazy how there is mass flooding here and there are out of control fires down south.  Keep us in your prayers!

Here are a couple pictures from Oswald!

This is in Mooloolaba.

On this street the foam was up over the tops of cars that were driving on the street. 

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