Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paddle for Poverty and Prayer

Here are some photos from last weekends Paddle for Poverty.
Registration... we were a little nervous as only 14 people had registered for the event before hand but we had over 80 paddlers on the day!

Lined up ready to go

Some people paddled the 10km themselves others did it in a team of 4. And I(Ashlee) did laps around the free snack table during the event. The locals boardriders want to see this happen every year and were grateful for the free treats after the paddle. This was really encouraging for the guys who organised the whole event. We feel like it was a great success, especially for the first year!

This Saturday and Sunday we have a fundraiser BBQ at a local surf competition. Please pray that we make positive impact on the boardriders we are serving and that everything goes smoothly. 

We're in the home stretch now. 39 weeks! Any day our baby could come. I currently have a cold, sore throat & runny nose. I got it from Jeremy (thanks Jer!). So we are hoping that it passes before I go into labor. We'd appreciate your prayers for quick healing of the cold!

Feeling very large this week!


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  1. Oh my word- your huge! In a good way obvi :) I am dying to see this babe. Love you guys


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