Friday, December 30, 2011

DECEMBER birthdays!

December was full of birthday celebrations!

1st we celebrated Jordy Merry's 21st birthday at his Disney themed party!
Jeremy wanted to be "Tron" but the costume was never made. SO... here is Minnie & Mickey!

Jordy's  Scar costume was amazing- unfortunately I don't have a photo of his head piece.

Next was little Eva's 2nd birthday BBQ!

Eva & Selah

Dan also finished his degree so it was a double celebration.

Eva didn't really enjoy the singing.. it ended in tears. Poor girl!

And Emily's 27th girls birthday dinner night!

We missed another special birthday back home in December. Jeremy's mom turned 34! woo hoo Happy Birthday Mom :)

We hope you are having a wonderful last couple days in 2011. We have more pictures from the holidays coming soon!


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