Tuesday, June 21, 2011

....{SURF}shop PART II

We already got word that the surf shop with be signed over August 1st!! Perfect timing, as we arrive June 20th and have a little bit of time to get settled! The details of roles & who's doing what have yet to be determined.

There are currently 3 skate shops that are run by the same guys that are actually purchasing the surf shop. They run them in a missional way, so that all profits go back into outreaches and ministries around skating. God has been so faithful to them!! They've seen how being in the community & and a part of the skate culture has given them open doors to speak into the lives of many youth on the coast. Our prayer is that the surf shop would have similar opportunities in the surfing community in Mudjimba!

The website for the store is:

The website for the ministry they run through the profits of the store is:

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