Thursday, June 23, 2011

a "perfect" {WATER BOTTLE}

This isn't a post having anything to do with our future life in Australia or how God is moving in our lives BUT it does contain some valuable information!

For the past couple months I've had my eye out for the "perfect" water bottle. I've had a couple Nalgens & liked them but was always a little annoyed that on a hot summer day the water was nearly boiling in them after only an hour or so BUT I did love that it was spill proof! I love my Tervis Tumbler; it keeps drinks cold because it's double walled BUT it's not spill proof, you can't just throw it in your bag and go. I found my perfect, spill proof & double walled, water bottle at Target & finally broke down and bought it!!

I wanted to prove that it was good so I did a little experiment (Jeremy & his Dad laughed at me the whole time!). I took 3 bottles & put 6 ice cubes in each. I set them outside in the HOT Florida sun to see how they'd preform. Here they are:

Tervis Tumbler - "InTak" by Thermos - Aladdin

And here were my findings:
Like I expected Tervis Tumbler was the best but...

my "perfect" water bottle from Target was a VERY close second...

and the Intak by Thermos(which was not double walled) was a definite last!

All that to say....I'm happy with my $10 Aladdin water bottle from Target & it will do me very well this summer in the states & the hot summers in Oz! Oh & a bonus feature is that part of the bottle top screws off so you can put ice cubes in it! Genius!!!!

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