Thursday, June 9, 2011

PRAY FOR {YWAM Indonesia}

This is an urgent prayer request from the director of the Bali, Indonesia YWAM center....

Dear Friends,

There are three things that keep any people or nation in poverty and bondage : Greed, Injustice and Corruption.
God has called us at Ywam/UofN Bali to disciple our nation, Indonesia. We are facing some giants in this land!

Would you stand in prayer with us? We need your immediate prayers and intercession.

Our present center is an 18 bedroom former motel. We leased it for 11 years and paid the full lease up to the year 2017. About this time last year, the owners wanted the property back because business in Bali is in the 'boom' and they have an investor who wants to build a hotel. Of course we said no.  We have a legal, binding contract. They told us we have one year to make plans to move. They tried to influence our  surrounding community and our neighbours but it was not successful.  A few days ago, the local authorities "investigated us for wrongful use of facility'" siting that the building was registered as a hotel and we as a society has no right to use it. (they said nothing for the last 5 years). They said we needed to get the owners permission for a change of use. Do you think the owner will allow for a change of use? Otherwise we must leave. One of the officials dealing with us is related to the family who owns the building. We are engaging a lawyer to handle our case. We believe God has called us to 'disciple this nation. We are facing the giants of corruption, greed and injustice that holds Indonesia in poverty and bondage.

Will you stand with us in prayer for the next few weeks?

Thank you for all the prayers!!

J&A Hoover

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