Friday, November 18, 2011


Meet some of my friends from work....

Olivia, Hannah, Danielle & Kylie
They are all super sweet & great co-workers. We all feel blessed to be able to work together. We're more like a family! Kylie moves to Germany in December :( Part of my role is taking over for her.

my desk...note the background on my computer... miss my girls back home :(

Jeremy met with his mentor this morning before opening and running the surf shop today. Unfortuantely we have 0 pictures to show you from his day....

Today after work I had a Christian Surfers state(regional) team meeting. I had the honours(that's how you spell honours here) of taking notes :) Most Thursday mornings I work with the Regional Coordinator on conference planning(for Easter weekend 2012, we are hosting it) as well as a few other administrative tasks. It's really exciting to see all the different things happening with Christian Surfers regionally. New missions being planted, grooms going overseas, chaplaincy on the pro-surfing circuit. God is using a fun hobby to connect people with Christ.

After the meeting, I quickly went home to eat a yummy beef roast I had in the slow cooker. Jeremy greeted me with a "I made a mistake :(" .... come to find out he tried to roast the potatoes like I asked him to and they burnt. No big deal at all! I was expecting a way worse mistake. Despite the burnt potatoes, Jeremy is doing an awesome job with helping around the house and starting dinner before I get home. Sorry I just had to toot his horn a little.... okay Friday continued....

The July 2011 DTS graduated tonight. We didn't really get to know these students since we came after their school had started and weren't really around much. We still loved hearing about the outreaches and what God did in their lives. Watching the videos made us both excited for our next opportunity to go to a developing country... hopefully sometime in 2012!!

And these are my sweet friends.... Selah & Laine!

And now it's 10:30pm & I'm ready to go to bed! Hope this gave you a little glimpse into my day!! Nighty, night!....or I guess it's good morning for you!!

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