Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ballina {CAMP}

Tonight, Friday, we are heading a few hours south to Ballina for a camp with Christian Surfers. There are 22 of us going total, about 7 leaders the rest are "groms" kids from the community who LOVE surfing. Most come from non-christian homes. We're especially excited as there are 2 girls coming along on the trip.

///Please pray for this weekend...///
///  traveling safety
///  protection during surfing and fun times
///  surf! It's supposed to be "flat as".... no waves!
///  relationships to be built between leaders & groms
///  spiritual imput times would be well received
///  groms hearts would be open to Jesus
///  an overall positive experience so they will want to continue the relationships with Christian Surfers!

We know that prayer is very powerful! Thanks for your prayers & we'll update you again when we get back!

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