Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ashlee's {"JOB"}

I don't like using the word job; to me, it has more of a negative connotation. For us my "job", is a very positivity thing. It's "ministry" but I'm getting paid from it. My new job is working for Heritage HM. It's a Christian film distribution company that exists to see people's lives changed through movies. They distribute both "christian" films & also family friendly, faith based movies & TV shows. They also love brining awareness to social injustice & promote many films that do just that.  Check out their website MOVIES CHANGE PEOPLE

I start tomorrow and will be working part time to help subsides our finances, as support raising didn't quite meet our needs. We see this season as a great time for me to work part time & hopefully save a little so we can some day buy a house.

My first "project" will be working to get the movie "Soul Surfer" into communities & churches through out Australia.  To meet the owner of Heritage and more about the "Soul Surfer" movement check out this website and watch the youtube vide!!  SOUL SURFER

It's taken longer than I expected to find a job so I am SO grateful for it! Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Please continue to pray for open doors to witness to the people in our community and especially the youth that hang out at the surf shop!

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