Saturday, May 14, 2011

... & more packing

It's Saturday morning & we are almost all packed up! We have 8 bags total but with our trip to Florida it's challenging to finalize exactly what will fit in our bags. I have a pile of "It's coming to Australia whether I have to wear it all on the plane or not!" I may be over loaded in jewelry when I board the plane just so I can get it back to Oz. We have a lot of stuff that's not making the cut so we'll be leaving it in a bin that's been named "get to Australia sometime." It's sad but also invigorating to get rid of junk & all the stuff that floods our homes. I'm sensing a little parallel between getting rid of the junk in my house & getting rid of the junk in my life! Hmm... God's always at work, hey!

We covet your prayers as we journey to Florida &, Lord willing, raise more support! Please pray for safety & health, as these always seem to be taken for granted until they are in jeopardy. We look forward to spending time & connecting with our friends & family there!!

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