Wednesday, April 27, 2011

to ship {OR} not to ship

... that is our question. To ship our house stuff or not?? We are selling/have sold most of our furniture and bigger home goods. However, we were planning on making a shipment of our plates, cups, cooking ware, dishes, towels, blankets, favorite home decor pieces, bathroom stuff, deodorant(it's hard to find solid deodorant, mostly spray or roll on), tooth paste (no Crest in Oz :( )... but now we are realizing it could get quit expensive and be a bit of a headache, all of a bunch of "stuff".

SO... as we re-evaluate, we would greatly appreciate your PRAYERS! With the airline we are looking at flying with, we can pre-pay for "Additional Baggage". This option is now appearing to be the cheaper maybe wiser route.

PRAY that we would have WISDOM, that we would detach from all the THINGS & STUFF in our lives and be okay with leaving some things behind until another trip. Maybe when someone comes to visit they could bring some pieces with them.

Thank you!!!

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