Friday, April 15, 2011


One of the things we love to do with Coolum Christian Surfers(CS), is take the groomets(youth) on day trips up the beach to surf. They are just as stoked(excited) about it as we are! We usually load up around 6AM and drive an hour to a place that allows you to drive on the beach. First, we make pancakes for breakfast. Then, go for a surf, eat lunch, have a "chat", another surf then head home. Usually there is some  blood from a surf accident, lots of laughs, and we pray for lives to be touched through these times! The whole reason we do them is to build relationships with the groomets we love!..... and because we (Jeremy mostly) love to surf too!

pannies....aka Pancakes

the nifty trailer that has the grill 

the whole crew -Jeremy

for giggles....
just doing some stretches, be glad he got a new wetsuit without a hole in the bum!

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