Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another set of wheels...

We got a second car! Praise the Lord!! After months of searching and changing our minds 10 times about what we wanted vs. what we needed, Jeremy has a vehicle! It's just in time for my parents arrival next Monday :) YIPPY! I knew I couldn't leave them with our little scooter to ride around in while they are here so a second car is going to be great.

Also, Religious Education(RE) classes went really well on Thursday!

I  have 4 grade 3 classes; all the teachers are lovely. The official list of who is not taking RE (parents can request their children to not take it) and who is not has not been released yet. Please PRAY this week that parents will choose to allow their kids to stay in RE and the kids will want to be there! We travel from classroom to classroom and teach the kids in their rooms. If the kids opt out of taking RE than they just sit in the hall, but once one "cool" kid sits out then it seems their friends follow, but the opposite can work in our favor.

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