Friday, October 7, 2011


It's Jeremy's birthday today! WOOO HOOO!!! He's in the surf shop working today, and then we have a fundraiser auction tonight for Christian Surfers Queensland. We celebrated last night with a guys only, steak dinner night at our house. Tomorrow we hope to spend the day in the mountains inland from us.

The fundraiser tonight will help with expenses of the Queensland region. I do a day a week of work for them. We are hosting the National Gathering next Easter  so that's my main focus right now. Tonight we are serving tapas and having an auction to hopefully raise a few grand. We're expecting 50+ people, hopefully even more!

Pray for a "successful" night, that people would feel they are supporting a worthy cause, and everything would run smoothly!!!

Aaron is selling is dreads, $50/ a piece and then shaving his head!! 

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