Monday, July 18, 2011


Today's the day! & we can hardly believe it's here already! Last night we said many good byes to all our wonderful family & friends here in PA. It wasn't easy but I constantly remind myself that there are many great friends awaiting us in Australia.

As we reflect on the journey we've been on while preparing for Australia, we're reminded of all the answered prayers & favor the Lord has given us. Join us in praise & a heart of gratitude for all we've been blessed with....

*We were able to take a scouting trip last November
*Received our VISA in record time!
*Didn't have to have MEDICAL EXAMS for the visa!!! Saved tons of $$
*Cheap FLIGHTS but also the best route(in our opinion!) there!!
*Sold all our HOUSE stuff!
*Sold Jeremy's TRUCK!
*We have a HOME to go to!!! PTL
*We have a CAR to borrow when we get there!!

Please continue to pray for...

*Our safety as we fly!
*Smooth transition to life in Oz after leaving home
*A job for Ashlee
*A CAR of our own
*We know there will be many needs & ministry opportunity there...DISCERNMENT in what is a GOOD thing & what is a GOD thing

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